A lot of people peak in to the Warrior Training Systems facility while they skate and watch games at Haverhill.  Tell us what they are looking at.

Warrior Training Systems operates a 2,500 ftStrength & Conditioning facility on the mezzanine level of the Haverhill Valley Forum comprised of an indoor turf field area as well as a fully equipped strength and conditioning gym.  The gym is equipped with weight racks, weight machines, kettle bells, plyometric boxes, agility ladders, dumb bells, barbells, and sleds to provide players with the most comprehensive and diverse sports conditioning workout possible.

 Who can use the facility?  You’ve been training the Jr. Warriors – the Youth and Juniors teams… is the center specific to the Jr. Warriors… or hockey players only?

The facility is open to any athlete who is looking to improve their overall performance. We are not a hockey-only facility; we cater to any sport, male or female.

Personal and group training is also available to parents or individuals who live or work nearby or spend time at the Haverhill Valley Forum.  Our personal and group training philosophy is structured similar to our Warrior Training Systems program, but takes into account individual goals such as weight loss, nutrition, age and physical fitness level. 

Sessions can be scheduled as single instances or in multi-visit increments, by individual or for groups of 2-4 participants.

Can I use the gym if I am not signed up for a training class?

The gym is only open to people who are signed up with our program. Every athlete that comes through the door will be put on a program based on their training level and their specific goals. No one is allowed to be in the gym doing outside programs.

Can I train by myself or with friends or with my sports team?

How you train is completely up to the individual. We run the gym with an open gym set up. This means you can come workout anytime in the hours we are open. You can come alone, with a friend, with a group of friends, or an entire team. There will more than likely always be someone there working out as well as the trainer, so you will never actually be in the gym working out alone.

What does the first day of workouts look like?        

The first few days of workouts will consist of a lot of teaching. Athletes will learn how to foam roll, stretch, mobility drills, plyometrics, and the exercises. But don’t worry, these days you will still get a great workout and leave feeling as though you accomplished something for that day.

What happens once I am signed up and participating… can I come workout whenever I want?

Yes.  You can train anytime you want, within the hours we are open. We do not lock you in to a certain time everyday, so its gives flexibility around peoples schedules.

Are the team workouts different than individual ones?

The only time team workouts would be different is during in-season training. During the season, the goals are different than in the off-season. 

Do you vary the workouts based on the sports I play?

The workouts — for the most part — will be based around core lifts that will help in all sports. However, certain aspects of the workouts will differ depending on the sport you play.  Typically, athletes need to get stronger in all areas, so that is what we focus on here at Warrior Training Systems. At the end of the day, “strong is strong” and all athletes can benefit from getting stronger.

What else do I need to know about WTS?

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Casey Munsen, graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Studies. Casey has trained athletes ranging from Middle School through the Professional Level including several current AHL and NHL Players.

Casey has worked as the Strength and Conditioning coach with the USA development hockey program as well as with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Casey has also been the head strength and conditioning coach for the Austin Prep Varsity Hockey Team for the past 3 seasons.

Casey spent time as an intern under Boston University Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach, Boston College Olympic Sports Head Strength and Conditioning coach and Merrimack College Head Strength and Conditioning coach. Casey is currently furthering his education in Exercise Science, General Fitness and Nutrition.