Conditioning Programs are available to any athlete who is looking to enhance any aspect of their on and off-season game.  The goal of each Warrior Training Systems session is to progress through four areas of work that when combined together, help athletes reach their full potential.

    1. Foam Rolling – increase blood flow to improve range of motion and reduce the risk of training related injuries
    1. Flexibility & Mobility – loosens muscles and mobilizes joints, further reduces risk of injury
    1. Strength Training – power development (sprinting, jumping, medicine ball throws, Olympic lifting), unilateral and bilateral exercises (squat variations, deadlifting, upper body pulling and pushing movements, core strengthening exercises)
    1. Conditioning – pushing/pulling sleds, slideboards, battle ropes, farmers carry

Each athlete’s physical fitness and readiness level is individually assessed at the start of their program for maximum safety and results. All participants begin at a tier one level and progress towards elite. Each workout and progression is closely monitored and adjusted as necessary. Levels have less to do with the age or gender of the athlete, but more with their readiness, ability, willingness to learn and perfect the movements and their work ethic. No athlete will move onto the next level until they are physically prepared.

Tier One:

Addresses basic movement of squatting, jumping, throwing, running, pushing, and pulling.  This level lays the foundation of proper form, technique and stamina for maximum safety and results.

Tier Two – Tier Three:

Incorporates increasing intensity with progressively more challenging exercises and heavier weights, while still maintaining a focus on form, technique and stamina.

Elite Tier:

Designed for athletes who have completed multiple sessions of training and who have been professionally observed and assessed in all aspects of both training and competition.  This level includes an individualized program that includes goal-specific activities based on that athletes specific competitive sport, position, and areas of strength and weakness within their game.

Personal and group training is also available to parents or individuals who live or work nearby or spend time at the Haverhill Valley Forum.  Our personal and group training philosophy is structured similar to our Warrior Training Systems program, but takes into account individual goals such as weight loss, nutrition, age and physical fitness level.  Sessions can be scheduled as single instances or in multi-visit increments, by individual or for groups of 2-4 participants.

Please contact us to tour our facility or to request schedules and pricing.